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Level 2 - Advocacy Services

Who Is It For:

This advanced level of service is particularly helpful for patients and/or caregivers who are dealing with significant medical needs including, but not limited to those who:  

  • have received or anticipate a new complex, serious, or life threatening diagnosis
  • are managing one or more acute or chronic diseases
  • feel that medical providers are not listening 
  • report significant and bothersome symptoms of acute or chronic illness
  • have been struggling to get an accurate diagnosis
  • are experiencing, or are worried about, a reduction in quality of life
  • feel exhausted or overwhelmed trying to juggle life and a medical illness
  • don’t want to feel alone and lost while navigating the medical system
  • have challenges tracking, sharing, or understanding key healthcare data and information


  • Reduce frustration, uncertainty, fear, stress doubt, exhaustion, and guilt
  • Feel confident in understanding all options and making important healthcare decisions and choices
  • Know what questions to ask providers and/or feel comfortable asking questions during appointments.
  • Experience more seamless care and communication among your medical providers
  • Improve chances of faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatment
  • Reduce risk for medical errors
  • Ability to understand, organize, and manage a consolidated medical record to optimize outcomes
  • More time to focus on healing and doing what you enjoy

What to Expect:

Below are some of the things that we do to assist clients who need advanced advocacy services. You may not need all of the services listed, and there are other services that you may need which aren’t specifically listed here. All of the services are individualized with this list being just an example of what you can expect. 

Professional Fees:

  • Initial retainer ranging from $1000 - $1800 depending on scope and duration of work determined during the initial triage consultation. This typically covers 6 - 12 hours of work. 
  • Hourly billing will be deducted from retainer with monthly statements detailing completed work.
  • Individualized flat-fee monthly service or project packages may be available, upon request.

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