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Client Services

Every client starts with an Initial Triage and from there, may choose to continue with individual consultations or proceed with one of our various service plans. Once we understand the challenges you are facing, we begin developing a plan of action and start gathering resources and referrals to help you achieve your goals.

Typically clients receive Level 1 or Level 2 services for the first 3 - 6 months then transition to our lower intensity, lower cost maintenance plan. This will be discussed more during the Initial Triage. Intensive advocacy services are not intended to go on forever. It is our goal to get you to the point where you don't need us anymore (or at least not nearly as much!) through education, guidance, and connection to resources.


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Improve Safety And Reduce Risk of Error

Start Here -
Initial Triage

Each client starts with an Initial Triage appointment. This is an initial 30 - 60 minute collaborative phone conversation focused on understanding your current situation. We will listen closely, identify your current challenges, prioritize your concerns, identify ways to assist, start to develop an initial plan of care, and begin connecting you with resources and referrals based on your individual needs.

Individual Consultations

Spend up to 60 minutes in-person or virtually with a Board Certified Patient Advocate anytime you need a coach or a guide to navigate the healthcare system. Our advocates will answer questions, provide guidance, and offer resources. They attend medical visits, support informed healthcare decisions, and help you prepare for upcoming appointments, surgeries, or hospitalizations.

Level 1
Advocacy Services

This level of service is designed for proactive people with routine or non-urgent healthcare needs, who could use some guidance, but do not need intensive advocacy support or oversight. Clients and caregivers will have peace of mind knowing they have an experienced advocate available to them as a resource and someone who will be there to guide them should a serious or emergent healthcare situation arise.

Level 2
Advocacy Services

This advanced level of service is designed for people who are in the midst of, or are anticipating, significant medical care. This may include a new, serious, or life-threatening diagnosis or significant chronic illness. People who need this level of service are often at their wits end, exhausted, frustrated, or overwhelmed by the medical system and need an experienced professional to step in and offer some relief.

Bridging the gaps in our fragmented healthcare system.

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The rapid pace, lack of transparency, pitfalls in communication, and fragmentation of our healthcare system leaves a lot of room for miscommunication, uncertainty, and error. That's why at Vital Link, our healthcare advocates take the time, organize the data, facilitate the communication, explore the options, provide the education, and connection to resources and referrals. 

We believe you should be able to find answers, voice your questions and concerns, and know your full range of options.

We believe that no patient or caregiver should ever feel overwhelmed, scared, uncertain, fearful, guilty, doubtful, exhausted, or alone.

We Believe That No Patient Should Suffer From Misdiagnosis Or Preventable Error. 

*Disclaimer: Vital Link, LLC dba Vital Link Healthcare Advocates does not provide legal, medical, accounting or financial advisory services.  If you need assistance with any such services, please seek help from the appropriate licensed professional(s). Read full disclaimer.  

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