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  • Vital Link Healthcare Advocates is an independent patient and healthcare advocacy company, devoted to guiding people of all ages through the complexities of the healthcare system.
  • Our allegiance is to you. We are not beholden to any facility, organization, or insurance company. Your best interest is our only interest. 
  • We work alongside you, your caregivers, family members, and providers to ensure you are getting the best care
  • With 23+ years of experience in the healthcare field, we know how important clear communication, access to resources, referrals and up-to-date information are in making informed healthcare decisions. 

It is our goal to find what's missing, improve continuity of care, and enhance patient safety.

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Compassionate caregiver, educator, and advocate.

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Founder: Bridget Nichols, MSN, MBA, RN, BCPA

I am a Registered Nurse (RN) and have worked in the medical field for over 25 years. I have always been motivated by a desire to help people and make a positive difference in the lives of others. I have a particular interest in oncology and a large portion of my career has involved caring for people with a cancer diagnosis. Throughout my career, I have developed significant expertise in bone marrow and solid organ transplant as well as experience in a broad range of medical and surgical specialties. Over the years, I have seen the positive outcomes that result from excellent communication, teamwork, a culture of safety, and respectful collaboration between healthcare providers, patients, and their families. I've also witnessed poor outcomes and prolonged hospitalizations due to system failures, lack of accountability, and miscommunication. LEARN MORE...

Preventable medical errors, patient falls, hospital-acquired infections and misdiagnoses can and do happen, even in the highest-rated organizations. 

That's why I am committed to:

  • promoting the health, safety, and rights of all clients
  • communicating concerns, offering ideas, and making recommendations to providers
  • a respectful spirit of inquiry and a collaborative approach to problem-solving
  • patient and family education, promotion of patient advocacy, and health literacy
  • adhering to patient advocacy and nursing professional codes of conduct, ethical standards, and obligations

Reduce your risk of potential medical mistakes, diagnostic errors, and adverse health events.

Highway to Heart, Humor, and Honesty in Healthcare
Radio Interview on Speak Up & Stay Alive Radio Program

Bridget is a contributing author in Highway to Heart, Humor, and Honesty in Healthcare, a charity patient safety anthology written by Pat Rullo

Pat is also the host of Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety Radio and you can hear Pat's interview with Bridget and learn how advocates can help patients and caregivers.

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