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You don't have to do it alone.

--Betty Ford

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START HERE - Initial Triage

Who Is It For:

The Initial Triage is the starting point for patients and caregivers who:

  • have a serious interest in the services offered by Vital Link Healthcare Advocates and want to know how to get started.
  • are looking for an experienced guide to help navigate the medical system
  • want to prepare for future medical situations that may arise
  • need to clarify their understanding of medical options and choices
  • are looking for support in finding answers and connecting with resources
  • could use some help getting providers to listen
  • would like to gain confidence in medical decision making and care received

What's Included:

In this 30 - 60 minute collaborative conversation, we will begin gathering preliminary information about your current healthcare situation. Based on the information you provide, we will:

  • start to identify ways we can assist should you choose to move forward and engage our services.
  • focus on key areas of concern
  • start the process of developing priorities and initial plan of care

You will gain understanding of 

  • how you can benefit from independent patient advocacy
  • how we differentiate ourselves from others
  • the scope of our work, our process, fees, and billing.

You will then determine your path forward, select the service plan that best matches your goals, if so desired, and we will begin providing you with the education, guidance, options, resources, and/or referrals as applicable.


  • Enhance your understanding of the role and benefits of a medical advocate and how we can help you specifically
  • Start getting connected with education and resources
  • Determine which advocacy service plan is right for you
  • Feel educated, empowered, and aware of possible next steps
  • Feel that your concerns have been heard, that your questions about advocacy have been answered and you understand the options are available to you. 

Professional Fee:

*$150.00 paid in advance at time of scheduling
There are no refunds for no-shows.

Not sure if our services are right for you? Not ready to invest in an initial consultation? Briefly tell us why you are seeking advocacy services, what challenges you are facing, and what questions you have. We will review your request, provide more information based on your individual needs and questions, and/or offer a quick complimentary clarity call.

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Have Questions?
Send us an email for more information.

***Private advocacy services are currently not covered by any insurance.***

*Disclaimer: Vital Link, LLC dba Vital Link Healthcare Advocates does not provide legal, medical, accounting or financial advisory services.  If you need assistance with any such services, please seek help from the appropriate licensed professional(s). Read full disclaimer.  

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