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Individual Consultations

Who Is It For:

Not sure if full service advocacy is right for you? Need an occasional sounding board or a little guidance?  Once you have completed the Initial Triage, you may consider individual consultations for assistance with occasional questions, resources, or referrals. This option is also great for people who would like advocacy support during virtual or in-person outpatient medical visits.


  • Peace of mind knowing you have an experienced resource available for you at a moment's notice.
  • An uncluttered path to faster healthcare decisions
  • Easier and faster communication among family and healthcare providers
  • Organized and shareable health records leading to more accurate diagnoses and faster treatment
  • Confidence in ability to handle healthcare situations

What to Expect:

Individual advocacy consultations include up to 60 minutes of phone, video, or in-person consultation time. Additional fees will apply for any requested post consultation work for research, education, resource, and referral support to be billed by the hour. 

Professional Fee:

$185.00 for 60 minute phone or video consultation
$235.00 for 60 minute in-person consultation
Learn more about patient advocacy professional service fees.

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